5% Consumption Tax ? I Don't Care A Bit !


Recently the supplies of books and magazines is decreasing visibly. The consumption tax rises by 5% from 3% on April 1st. Probably the rise of it will be a bad influence on the book sales,too.

After the enforcement, the books are shown with prices before tax, but the magazines with prices after tax. As the magazines are sold a lot in Kiosks at the stations or 24 hours' stores, it's said that its prices are easier for the consumers to know.

But within the bookstores, both goods of 3% tax and by 5% tax are mixed. We the managers of the bookstores think that's too much trouble.

So the publishers watch out for returned magazines from us. You'd better to buy the magazines sold at the end of month. They are hard to get and may possibly be valuables at premiums in the future.

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