The Thaw Has Come !


This year the thaw has come on early April. If it's shiny and warm, my customers will come to my bookstore from morning.

The customers who has weak legs and backaches have always complained about a counter on the second floor. However after young employees got goods instead of customers, their complainment has gone away. I'm ashamed because I hardly move.

As the snow began to melt, one customer came here during medical examination. To walk muddy roads is very hard for the people whose body's somthing physically handicapped. In fact I've hurt my left knee. Though my hospital was only four blocks away from here, it's long long distance for me.

'Kaihatu-kyoku' the Bureau Development decide where to maintain roads and how to remove the snow. It often clears the snow from the expressway but not from the side walk. So onnly 4 blocks isn't only at all. The way is full of ups and downs such like my life.

As the crossing is frozen and much slippery, I barely step aside. But the act is very worse for my leg. Returnig to the previous subject I have lots of sympathy with one customer.

If you must concider on an equal footing with weak people, there're many thing to find out. When I'm working for this bookstore, I sometimes have got angry and have been pleased many times....

I live as teached and sustained by my many customers ! H2>Please give me your E-mail ! Back to Iwata Shoten's records

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