A BOY, the name 'H'

("Sho nen H " written by a Japanese novelist `Senoo Kappa`)


By E-mail some customers said to me, "Write about books as you're a manager of a bookstore ! "
I want to say, "Thank you so much" for many people dropping in my homepages. And I feel so happy now.

Then I'm going to talk about the book in Japanese 'Shonen H'. The title means one boy named 'H'.
Its story is written about a family during and after World WarU.
The family consists of Father a liberal, Mother a Christian, small sister with a tender heart, and 'H' who likes painting.

All grownups around the boy 'H' were vaguely aware that this war was something wrong and the reports by the newspapers, radios was a story packed with lies.
In those days, the press said , "Japan is superior to the enemy ! The victory is close at hand ! " They also knew Japan was defeated in this war and to join the army directly led to their death.

The military sergeants obeyed the senior officer's orders and whipped his subordinates though they've felt like the others, too.

If they didn't obey orders, they would be punished. Thanks to that, they shirked the responsibility for the war and their act.
So they could become the democrats after the war.

"All of adults are liers," 'H' said. No one could argue against him. A person in charge didn't exist there.
Grownups know everything.... But when it's incovenient for them, they blame above for it.
And they may be accomplices without the noticing.

The auther of this book is Mr. 'Senoo Kappa' born in 1930.
The book makes me feel that Japanese hasn't changed at all since the war.
I think every person must do anything of his own will with independence of above or the mass media. That's very difficult but important.
Bookstores are necessary because of helping that.

As soon as my father born in 1925 joined the arm forced, he became a prisoner in Siberia. After 4 years he came back to Japan and became a coal miner.
Then he changed his occupation and ran a bookstore when I entered the elementary school. I was very delighted with 'Yochien' a book for children he bought me after the work. Seeing me like that, he says he started this bookstore.

I'm really proud of my father who chose this job and handed his work to me !

A week passed since Golden Week. My father will enjoy crucian carp fishing in Onuma located in Hokkaido's south. He seems not to return till the day after tomorrow.

My father's short vacation over seventy..... Anyone has no right to complain about it !

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