Sep.9, '97

Takanohana Lose Dejima


           It looks like fall is here to stay and dark after 
        five thirty. It's hard to keep the door open.
           About six p.m., Mr. N said to me by the phone, 
        "Takanohana lost Dejima...."  And then he ordered 
        books or magazines.
           He is physically handicapped for an incurable 
        disease; nevertheless,had driven a modified car. 
        As Mr. N, however, was hospitalized again and again, 
        finally he couldn't do that.    

           Now he is in the hospital in Sapporo and still 
        orders several books from my booksotre every month. 
        He also wants books to make him cheerful. I find out 
        such ones with great zeal.
           When I send the books in the morning, he can get 
        them till the next day. So it is very convenient for 
        patients who is hard to move. He always makes others 

           Fortunately, my bookstore has many customers 
        living in the distance. One customer in Sapporo brings 
        a lot every month. The other orders books after being 
        transferred. I've sent toa junior high school in the 
        isolated island once.
           At that time, I really feel I've run this bookstore.
        And I want to say to customers, "Thank you so much !"

           In this way I can work with a smile every day 
        forgetting all of the bad things.     



(C) Tooru Iwata 1997. All rights reserved.