Everyone was born to be happy.

                                         May 25th,'97
"Hito wa Shiawase ni Naru tameni Umarete Kitanodeu" ("Everyone was born to be happy." by Tsuka Kohei)

This phrase is the book's title Mr.Tsuka Kohei--he's a scripter and a writer--wrote like talking to his daughter.
(He lectured the Sunagawa local university.)
Recently, he published the book "Musume ni Kataru Sokoku- Mansyu Eki Den-Jyugun Ianfu hen"("Talking to my daughter -Mansyu Station's Story-the edition of Freeride for Soldiers").

He expresses himself about "Kyokasyo Mondai"(the problems of school textbooks) from an unique viewpoint.

He says, "People must live with hope. Because everyone was born to be happy." in his every books.
This phrase is very simple, but it guesses the truth of life correctly.
So I like it very much and often use it at the wedding reception's speech.
Though he writes about the people driven into the depth of despair, he finds out hope for them.
His books always make me cry in a good sense.

We absolutely don't live to enter high deviation's school or to get a good sales.
We'll feel comfortable for us when we think that we're born to be happy.
Then we may be able to foresee our own life is shoter than we has expected.

"We're born to be happy." This phrase has a wonderful power.
Thanks to it, we can know we're not helpless and attend gently to others.

 |    *'Freeride for Soldiers' means the women     |
 |     whom the Japan army in the World War U     |
 |     compeled to fall into sexual slavery.       |
 |     And this problem isn't still solved...      |
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