"Jun-jo Chonai-kai"

 -Our local society is unsophisticated but dependable !-

                                    (Up:June 20,1997)
An old lady next door fell down in a faint the day before.
She's lived here alone ever since her husband died.
As she receives some care-service of a city hall, she keeps
living by herself. When she goes shopping, she always uses the 
same taxi driver. Besides, if she travels for a few days, she'll 
tell us that. 

The neighbor didn't appear during the day. The curtain has been
still closed. We called her, but the line was busy. The reciever 
might be off the hook.
In the evening, we assembled. That was unusual, we thought.
We talked over whether going to see her or not. And We decided
to do. We contacted the police and asked to break open 
the back door of the neighbor. 
A few minutes later, the policeman came out and said, 
"She's alive ! Call the ambulance !" 

Perhaps she lost her balance and bumped against a phone.
Then she has fainted away.
So she couldn't do  the emergency call. 
Anyway thanks to our good teamwork, she had a narrow escape
from the death.

The next day, her children begged us parden. They looked so
pitiful, we felt sorry for them on the contrary. 
The lady next door didn't always hope that she caused trouble 
for her children. I thought of that with mixed feelings.
Could I have taken the same position if I were she ? 
It's impossible for me,I think.
The city hall is considering hard how to tackle this problem.
But finally we proved  the 'chonaikai ' (good neighborfood) 
was the most dependable of all.

I don't care about Nagata-cho or Kasumigaseki !
We will absolutely continue to build 
the better community from now on , too !  
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