GIVE ME A BREAK , 'Focus ' !


In Hase murder case, the unexpected and worst boy was arrested.
Even if we discuss again and again, we can't find a good answer.
I feel more and more shit...(Sorry)
No one knows how far the news about this case is true.
However all media keep reporting anything day by day.
Finally we may begin having a false image of this case and this suspect.

In the middle of that, a weekly photo magazine 'Focus' carried a photograph of the 14-year-old suspect in this case.
He confessed his crime, but he's still suspect and not murderer.
In addition, he is fourteen years old.
That is absolutely wrong , such like the case of the sarin gas attack in Matsumoto.

Focus is out of focus !

- I caught cold and was half asleep.
Suddenly I was scolded by one customer.
He told me why he couldn't buy 'Focus' and for what he has always bought magazines in my bookstore.
At last he said that he never bought anything here... -That was my dream.

I asked other bookstores whether they would sell or not.
One manager said, "I don't sell the publication."
The other said, "I pretend ignorance that it isn't delivered in mine."
I was also encouraged by their opinions.

The publication was delivered to retailers yesterday in Tokyo, but will be tomorrow in Hokkaido.
Thanks to this lag, I can have a little time to think about this problem.
Every store all over Japan must have been considered.

The publication will be returned to Shinchosya Co. and piled up like a mountain.

'Friday'(another photo magazine), please carry such a sight before disposal though it may be very difficult.
And also drive away our gloom who have to refuse to sell against the customers.

Please give me your E-mail !

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