"Ryu Gen Hi Go" -Groundless Rumors in a Street- ,or.....


					             	August 13th, 1997   

Aug. 9.... Something wrong is happening around here, I think.
Now I try to write down about that.
First--The Thing I actually looked at.
£ Aug. 8, About two p.m. some helicopters flew very low over the streets.
That continued for half an hour.
£ The same day, past five p.m. three cars running in front of me suddenly sounded sirens and turned on the red lights.
And then they turned the crossing.
Second--Rumors I heard from Someone.
£ A patrol car in N-chou was stolen. Later, it was left near the shrine.
£ A criminal was still on the run, so public information car ran about calling attention to us.
£ The offender was arrested at night. At the time he was almost nude as he took a drug.
......Yet...... Now Aug 9 six p.m. no newspapers reported about the case.
There may be some reasons which can't be reported. Or is it a tiny thing ?
Anyway I felt anxious I couldn't understand accurate informations.
I'll report all when I know the details of this case.
The other day.....
Aug.12 evening, the H newspaper company,(DIGEST)
---------------------------------------------------- Gangster Stole Patrol Car Arrested ,Naie A patrol car stolen by a gangster on Aug.8 was found within Sunagawa city.
He stole the car taking advantage of the policeman when a policeman was about to check up on a suspicious-looking man.
He was arrested in an inn of Takikawa city thanks to searching by helicopters etc.
This case was uncovered on 12th. --------------------------------------------------------- Aug.13 morning, the A newspaper company,(DIGEST)
--------------------------------------------------------- A Mini-patrol Car left, But Hokkaido Police No Announced Hokkaido police station didn't annouce a patrol car was stolen by a gangster.
It explained because announcement hindered aginst the investigation, besides the patrol car was found out soon.
--------------------------------------------------------- £ When we don't know the fact, only the rumors about it spreads out around us.
Something is happened, but no announcement... We want to know why even more.
And then the rumors against the fact are made by various people.
I realized "Ryu Gen Hi Go"(Groundless rumors in a street) was that.
£ Exact story is a little, except it the wrong rumors are all.
I remember news media for the Sakakibara's murder case.
It is necessary for us to make sure whether it's true or not and consider ourselves.
We are always tested and called into question.

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