If You Had Only Half A Year to Live.......


					             August 16, 1997

   How did you spend the Bon festival's holidays ?
   My bookstore has been always open except for stocktakings and 
   New Year's Day. But in this holidays the employees  and  I took 
   a break each other employing students during summer vacation.

   I visited a grave and saw relatives after a long time.
   I talked to them about each age. I was also surprised to look at 
   my nephews and nieces' growth.

   I consider about the life of me or my family in these days.

   So the best book I recommend is 
       	         'Timeshifting'(NHK publishers /price\1,800).

   It is written how to refresh your life etc. In its content I like
   a part of the way we imagine the rest of our life is half a year.

   You are perfectly healthy and don't have to work, however
   you had only six months left.......
   How would you spend your life if you were so ?
   You'll need to think over which your life's priority is.

   A few years before, ex-nurse Ms. Egawa Haru gave a 
   lecture for our local university. We discussed about 
   'the notice of a disease' each other. I said to her, "I hope
   'the notice'." She answered , "The person like you is the 
   most dangerous. Some patients killed themselves."

   Human beings absolutely die some day. It's the same 
   as we've already been notified. Therefore we should  
   live hard preparing for the death, I think.

   'Timeshifting'is the useful book to get back your positive 
   life. Please buy at the kind bookstore near your house. 

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