Howfre you doin'g, everybody? 97/04/20

eThe Days in Bad Temper' someone says. So I wrote about the smile's necessity yesterday. Anyone are angrish and bluntish, I think. Is that the atmosphere of the days ?

Huge bookmarkets of great dimentions..... Their area spreads out 300 tubo or 1,000 tubo. What in the world is happening ?

A bookstore...Why can this category of business bring in a profit now? It's very strange, I think. I'm afraid that many nameless bookstores and their stubborn managers with conscientious publishers have sustained culture of our country,Japan.They've always sent each books to each customers.

More than anything else, they loved books, customers reading books and children.They worked hard and did their best. But they never earned money. And that's natural for them.

I sometimes read about the bookstore's situation in the US. It says that the small bookstores went bankrupt with struggles among huge bookmarkets. Tiny little bookstores seem to be futureless without big capital.

On the other side I hear that European independent bookshops including Germany put up a good fight. Most managers there receive higher educations.

Which way does the destiny of Japanese bookmarketing go ? I still don't know. But perhaps there're some means to make independent bookstores to live from now.

Huge bookmarkets are costing down and down as improving efficiency. The charge of one employee enlarges in proportion to that.

For them it's very important wether they can cash as much merchandise as possible. It's impossible to profit by selling books whose interest rate is quite low.

So they begin to sell goods of dumping price like music CD etc. Maybe how to sell the goods is different from book sales.

Needless to say, small stores will never survive under the conditions. The huge bookmarkets have keen competitions for sales each other.

The future must continue to the way to be supermarkets which is open for 24 hours like the US. bookstore's situation. I can't keep up with the future and don't want to catch up with it.

Because the future is absolutely wrong, I believe. Let's take a break when you're tired ! This business is unprofitable. I try to enjoy such a circumstances that its gain is not so bad.

What's your opinion of my proposal ? Will you tell me your personal view ? Any opinion will be welcome. Shall we have heated discussions about bookstores and its future ?

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