Manager's Teeth Has Priority Over Anything Else !

( 4/19/1997)

Some visiters have been rather cross. They said, "Do you sell that book at this store ?" Obviously they wouldn't think a small bookstore could sell such books that might be at a huge bookmarket in the big city. Nonetheless, they asked me. Their mean attitudes have sometimes irritated me.

I wanted to talk back to them, but unfortunately I didin't have their books in stock then. So I only said to them, "I'm terribly sorry. The book is sold out." "That's as I expected !"they smirked. Terribly I'm sorry ! My customers on this occasion will wait for their books till next time. But strangers absolutely wouldn't. Others have been very angry from the first.

When I feel good, I can handle them well. I listen to them and find out the book they're really looking for. Almost their hope is not buying books but knowing the answer for their questions. Now they're perfectly satisfied and go back saying "See you later !" with smile. I don't know when comes "See you later." Doing that will get me nowhere. Even if that's so, I become happy.

I believe that the manager at the bookstore in the small town must be a guide to show visitors many answers. Manager's teeth has priority over anything else. Because they are necessary not only to smile but also to grind with frustration...... H2>Please give me your E-mail ! Back to Iwata Shoten's records

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